Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oh how time is flyING!!

I cannot believe that February is almost gone! Landon continues to have ultra sounds every week and gets measured every other week. Last thursday he was weighing in at 3Ib 13oz. My doctor here in Bismarck is extremely happy with how he is doing in the womb. She said there is no reason she can see why he won't go full term and be a healthy size. This is such an answer to prayer because once Landon is born it will be a fight for every once of weight gain. He will have an IV and a feeding tube placed in him right away, babies with heart defects often experience stomach issues as well. hopefully this will not be the case with him, but it just makes every once he gains while still inside of me that much more important. He remains extremely active and likes to put on shows for those around, as was the case when we were at our friends house last weekend. They were amazed that they could actually see him pounding on my stomach. It's almost like he's saying let me out of here ;) He has quite the little photo album already consisting of 23 ultrasound pictures so far. I have become spoiled and always feel as though the ultra sound tech could have gotten better pictures haha I can't wait for the day when I won't have to rely on someone else to capture his beautiful face. He is so loved and adored by me and his daddy :)

Me and Ryan shared the best Valentines Day, our first as a married couple and our last without kids :) He is my best friend and I can't imagine going through life without him. We have already been through so much in our first year of marriage, but I can honestly say that it has only made us love and appreciate each other so much more. Marriage is a remarkable thing and I am understanding more and more why God compares our relationship with Him to the relationship between a husband and wife. There is nothing on Earth that compares, nothing that satan does not love to destroy more, and nothing is more powerful and more of a testimony of God's unconditional love than a marriage that is functioning the way it was designed to. We know that we have hard times ahead, but we know that no matter how bad things seem we are in this together and we must NEVER stop fighting for our marriage.

Upcoming News:

Ryan returns from Winter Retreat tonight :D

Ryan left Sunday after church with a handful of other youth leaders and 60 teens to go snowboarding at Terry Peak located in the Black Hills of South Dakota. He did not even tell me that he was asked to go because he knew it would mean leaving me home alone. I brought it up one day after church last month and told him he should go. He was surprised and super excited that I was ok with it.  I know how much he loves snowboarding and he hasn't been able to go at all this winter because we have been saving every penny for Landon. I know God will use this trip in his life. I know it was so needed, Ryan sacrifices so much for me and Landon and he never once has complained. He is amazing and I have MISSED him like CRAZY!!! These short two days were a glimpse into how hard it will be to be apart for the last month of my pregnancy.

Baby showers

This Friday after work we will be driving to Warroad! The Woodland ladies have been so kind to throw us a baby shower on Saturday. I cannot wait to see family! We still consider Woodland our family and they have been such a blessing to us since being married and especially surrounded us with love and prayers since finding out about Landon. I am looking forward to sharing in the celebration and anticipation of his birth with them. It will be a very quick trip, but we figured it will be worth it since we won't be traveling with Landon until he has recovered from his second surgery.

I was also so touched when my boss at the daycare asked if she could throw me a shower. It takes a while to start to feel at home in a new place and get connected in a church. New Song has been nothing but welcoming to me and Ryan and we are truly starting to feel at home. I am looking forward to my shower there on the 3rd of March. It will be a great way to spend my last weekend at home before leaving for Minneapolis. Krista (my boss) even personalized the invites with a jungle monkey theme... so CUTE :)
I just feel so blessed and loved by the people God has placed in our lives and I am overwhelmed by how much people care about and love Landon already. He truly is such a blessed child and we are so blessed to be his parents!

Departure Day

We are planning on leaving for Minneapolis on the 10th of March. We will both be driving vehicles down so that I will have my car while there. It is extremely overwhelming when I realize that I will not be back home before Landon is born. It's overwhelming knowing we will be married long distance for a while. I never dreamed when we were dating long distance that we would ever have to do that again, especially in our first year of marriage. Everything is going so fast and it is all leading up to the day when Landon will enter this world. We cannot wait to meet our little warrior!

Thank you for continuing to keep our family in your prayers. We love and thank God for you daily.


Lisa said...

Maybe God had you date long distance so that you would have experience when you have to do it under stress. We are so blessed to have a God who knows the future so He can build us up in the past. When you get to Warroad please give Susan Helwig a hug for De and me. Tell her that Bob and De seem strong in the struggle that they are going through.

I will continue to pray for your family and that Landon will continue to gain weight.

The K. Family said...

Looking forward to the shower this weekend! Thanks again for posting!