Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Day at the Maxwell House (4th of July)

I was a little sad about the 4th of July this year. I knew that my family and all my close relatives would be getting together at my grandparents house in Minnesota. There would be a picnic, children running around, and there was sure to be hysterical laughter coming from the kitchen where all the women would be gathered around the table. My cousin, who lives in Tennessee, was even going to be there with her baby girl who is only a couple months older than Landon. I wanted so badly to go, but Landon still can't travel or be around young children or big groups of people. My grandma told my mom that we could just keep him in a back bedroom and everyone could just peek in to look at him. As fun as that sounded, we opted to stay home and spend our first 4th of July with Landon, just the three of us.

Just like every weekend, the morning was very relaxed and involved a lot of cuddling and dozing on the couch as Ryan played his games.

I had the great idea to make Ryan cinnamon roles with the new bread maker Ryan's mom got me last weekend. I was so excited to try it out!

This will never be a blog where you will find pictures of ingredients coming together to make a beautiful and delicious masterpiece of a recipe. In fact, I rarely (RARELY) follow recipes. I think of recipes as mere guidelines, but I usually always choose to veer of the beaten path and make my creation my own... even if it means disaster.

They didn't look like any cinnamon roles I'd ever seen. You must remember that I did make my own dough though. That was enough of an accomplishment for me, the fact that my success didn't last any longer than the bread machine was a little disappointing.

I'm not even going to try to explain what I think went wrong because, like I said earlier, this will never be a blog where you should come to find your next favorite recipe. I simply share this because it was a part of our day. A pretty big part of our day since they took me like 3 hours to make (lets not forget I made my own dough ;) It was a humbling experience and it created a good laugh so it wasn't all for nothing. The great thing about making something that consists of like 85% sugar is, even though they looked awful, they really didn't taste that bad :)

Daddy what is that weird looking stuff on your plate?

"Don't worry Landon, by the time your old enough to eat, mommy will be a great cook." haha I didn't know if I should take offense at that. I think I am already a good cook, my baking skills are what could use improvement. Landon looks like he agrees with his papa though haha

No holiday would be complete without some family photos.


All in a Day said...

I love his look looking at the cinnamon roll. :)

Aaron, Andrea, Malachi, Rachel, Isaiah & Caleb said...

I have a secret recipe for a biscuit style cinnamon roll...if you yeast....simply delicous.