Sunday, January 29, 2012

Life in the Maxwell house continued...

I wanted to write a post simple about our life right now, minus all the fears, chaos, and doctors appointments. We have experienced so many blessings and God continues to make it clear to us that we are exactly where he wants us right now.

A typical week in our family is very busy Monday night we come home and relax as a couple, Tuesday nights we have our small group at Josh and Heidi's place. They have become some of our closest friends here and we feel so blessed that God brought our paths together. We were thrilled to find out a couple months ago that they also are expecting their first child :) I think it's safe to say our friendship will continue to grow as we are both entering this new stage of life called parenting. They are such a gift and we always look forward to Tues. nights.

Wednesdays evenings our church has a community supper, worship, and then several small group Bible studies to choose from. Ryan has started playing bass for the worship and then helps with youth group. This has been so awesome for him! Playing guitar is a way he finds release from the stress of life and peace in Gods presence. He also really enjoys helping with the youth group and getting to know the kids there. I have started going to the courageous for women Bible study which has also been awesome and God knows how needed right now.

Thursdays are always my long days of doctors appointments and now we have started going to a child birth preparation class in the evenings. Last week was our first one and we both enjoyed it. It was fun being in a room with seven other pregnant couples. I have done so much reading and research, but I think it will be really good for Ryan to see that he plays a huge role in the birth of our baby as well. We both realize that our delivery will be different than the norm, but we agree that the more we know the better. The more prepared we are the better our chance of reaching our goal of a normal and natural delivery.

Friday nights we usually try to do something fun as a couple after work and then go home and relax. We realize that our days of being able to do this with ease are quickly approaching an end so we try to make our marriage top priority. I believe this has been so crucial to us surviving the stressors that we've been faced with. Our marriage and friendship is now stronger than ever before, we praise God for each other.

Saturdays I spend my mornings at the gym going to spin class and then to yoga then come home and nap. We usually spend the rest of the day getting things done that don't get done during the week (running errands, catching up on laundry and dishes, checking emails, writing thank-you's etc.) Weekends tend to be low key and relaxing which is super needed by the time we get through our long week days. Sundays we go to church then come home and relax (I nap and Ryan plays video games :) Before we know it it's the start of another week.

Although Landon's pregnancy has not been typical I still experience some of the normal joys of expecting. Most nights I wake up at 3 in the morning like clockwork. I can't determine if it's due to the fact that Landon's awake and moving around so much, I have to use the bathroom, back pain, or I just need my nightly glass of orange juice, but I'm lucky if I can get back to sleep before my alarm goes off at 5. My belly is becoming large and I wonder how it could possible still have two months more of growing :o My back is always sore and I often wake up screaming from the pain of leg cramps. Even with all those things, I am enjoying being pregnant with my little prince and cherishing the moments (good and bad) that I have with him inside of me. Our weeks go by so quickly and I know that we do not have much time left before our lives change forever so although it is easy to want to skip to the next big things, I am learning to be content and hold onto each moment that I am in. Life is good, God is SO faithful!

Landon's Momma

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