Sunday, January 29, 2012

Upcoming News

Please keep us in your prayers as we will be leaving after work on Monday for Minneapolis. We will be having our 30 week (big) checkup. We will hopefully get to meet all of the people that will be involved in Landon's birth and after-birth care in the NICU. We will get a tour of the hospital, NICU, and Ronald McDonald house where we will live until we are told we can bring Landon home. I will have another ultra sound and fetal echo (idk if there will be other tests run yet) and we will be asking a ton of questions and hopefully getting back answers and understanding about what his birth will be like and what will happen after he's born. I am going to fight for time with him right after he's born. The most I've heard a mom of a child with his condition getting is 30 seconds. I know how important skin to skin contact between baby and mother is right after birth for his health and development so I will fight for every second they allow me to be with him.

Ryan's parents and my mom will also be coming so we are looking forward to time with family. We will have appointments Tues. and Wed. and go back home once we are done on Wed. It will be a quick trip but VERY important. Pray that we are clear minded and ask the right questions. I will write soon and let you know how it went and hopefully post a new 3D pic of Landon :D

Landon's Momma

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Anonymous said...

N and R

We continue to pray for both of you and especially Landon... also your medical team.
God has surely chosen wisely in choosing you both to be Landon's parents.
Susan and Michelle help keep us informed.
Everyone feels so blessed by your sharing with all of us - A different but strange way to equip the saints! We treasure your strength.
You both will provide wisdom with sensitivity to future parents.
And someday I expect, that you will publish your thoughts and experiences to help others.

Joan / Ed

The Lord is in control.