Thursday, March 15, 2012


This is part of a poem God gave me on another overwhelming Thursday I had a while back.

You do not need words you can hear my heart

and right now it’s breaking, it’s falling apart.

I’d give up everything for him, if I could know he’ll be ok.

But you tell me all You want is for me to make it through this day,

Tomorrow will be brighter, my daughter just wait and see.

I know the waters are deep, just hold on to me.

I know you want an answer, I know you want a healing,

But for now the best thing for you is to follow my daily leading.

Here in this valley, you will learn so very much

I understand the longing to just want to rush

To skip through the pain, the sorrow, the unknown

But it’s in the toughest soil sometimes the greatest seeds are sown.

Rest in my love today and know that he’s safe

He’s loved, He’s so cherished, I hold his tiny face

In my strong hands both day and night.

He is mine, and of him I will never lose sight.

I know your love for him is immense.

I know my will doesn’t seem to make sense.

Someday I will show you the beauty you can’t yet see.

but today, just let the tears fall and keep your trust in Me.


misslaurie said...

Natalie, Ryan and Landon~
This poem is so wonderful!
All God's promises are "Yes!" and "Amen!" ... hold tight to His hand as He leads you towards what will be His glory. I understand it's hard to not want to run ahead and get past all of the hard times. Trust me, even though it's hard to rest in God's arms, without Him, it would be impossible to bear.
Know that my prayers are with all of you and your parents.

Daniel and Rachel said...

Wow, that brought tears to my eyes!!! Praying for you!!