Saturday, December 17, 2011

Help Explaining out doctors visit.

So at our doctors visit in the cities last wednesday was a blur of long medical words and explanations that only made sense with a doctor in the room.  So now it's up to me to pass the information on to you.  Landon has Pulmonary Atresia with Intact Ventricular Septum and Tricuspid Valve Hypo-plastic.  In plain english this means that the blood in the heart isn't getting to his lungs like it should.  It doesn't mean that he's not getting blood; it means that the blood is taking a backwards route and will only last while Landon stays in the womb.

From my knowledge Pulmonary Atresia means that the blood is flowing through his Pulmonary Artery.  This is an artery that only babies have and they loose it after a couple hours once born. The doctors can keep this artery intact for about a week with a medicine called PGC-1.  Also to the best of my understanding IVS means that Landon's ventricle doesn't have a hole that it should; namely the right ventricle.  All babies have 3 holes in their heart that quickly close after birth.  These holes help the heart to develop to full maturity while in the womb.  Proper blood flow of a heart means that blood should go from his right ventricle to his lungs....I think.  His hole is Intact and this means that his right ventricle isn't developing at all.  The tricuspid valve is the valve that lets blood into the right ventricle, and due to the lack of development in the RV this valve isn't working properly.  They plan to fix this is with a balloon shunt that will open his right ventricle.  This is a temporary fix.  The doctors are hoping that over the course of the pregnancy the heart will begin to develop on its own. Our doctor said that she'd like to save the right ventricle and not have to remove it and replace it.  There are a lot of conditions that will determine the doctor's final decisions about what surgeries and how many, but there will be quite a few we know for sure if nothing changes.  We know that anything is possible with God and he can do a miracle with our baby Landon.

-Landon's daddy

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