Saturday, June 9, 2012

Life changing day for Landon

Landon’s appointment with Fernandez went really good yesterday. He was weighed first and was 11Ibs 1oz! Soon after Fernandez came in and in his accent, told me that he is doing AmAzing! He actually said those words 3 times during our visit. He is so impressed by my little man. I asked him if his incision looks like its healed good? He said that it looks great and we can now place him on his tummy, lift him under his arms, and give him a real bath. This was awesome to hear because now that he’s bigger it’s been getting more difficult to lift him under his back. I asked him if it’s normal for him to seem like he’s having a hard time breathing when he’s sleeping sometimes and he said that the raspy breathing is because of his shunt and nothing to worry about. I still really bothers me though. I just had one more question on my list, Ryan and I had the brilliant idea that he would probably let us take Landon to the picnics our church is having this summer. I had already gotten my hopes up about it. How wonderful would it be to go as a whole family to something?? I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up though because Fernandez said no L Even though it would be outside he said it’s just not safe for him to be around groups of people until his hearts working better, without the shunt. So that was a bummer, but I can’t be too sad. He is doing so well, we don’t want to risk anything with him.

I was also hoping maybe we could reduce his formula a little so that it’s not so thick and hard on his tummy, but he doesn’t want to change anything because he is doing better than anyone expected him to do. He did say that he would be fine switching formulas to the kind WIC provides, he just still wants him getting the 30 cal. He said he would send in the dietician to teach me how to mix the new formula for him. He stood up and said to Landon, “we wanted you to grow, and you are doing a great job with that. We will see you in a month.” I know I just got a big smile on my face when he said that. ONE MONTH with hopefully NO appointments! I am so excited! We will be praying that nothing comes up that will require a doctors visit.

I waited for close to an hour for the dietician. I was glad that Landon ate well and fell asleep for me. She finally came in and we talked for a long time, about where Landon is compared to other babies his age. She said that calorie wise he is getting the same amount of calories as other 2 month olds. Which is amazing because he is taking less than 18 ounces in 24 hours when most babies his age take about  24 to 30. So essentially, he is getting like 2 bottles less than normal. Which explains why his bottles have to have double the amount of formula. She said that eventually they are hoping he will start taking more at his feedings so that they can reduce the formula.

Over all it was a really good appointment for him. I scheduled his next appointment for July 10th. He will have an echo at it so pray pray pray that in this time his right ventricle will make some changes and grow a little.

It is so much easier lifting him under his arms, but he doesn’t like it yet. I think it kind of scares him because he doesn’t feel as supported. I also placed him on his tummy once we got home. He just kind of face planted and rubbed his face in the floor until he got so upset he started screaming. I can tell this might be harder than I was anticipating. We don’t like him to get upset because of the stress it places on his heart, but he really needs the time on his tummy so he can get stronger. It’s going to require some crying until he can get used to it. It’s hard for me to not lift him up and comfort him when he’s screaming though. I am looking forward to his OT visit on Wed. hopefully she can give me some advice on how to help him make the adjustment to his tummy a little easier. 

Once Ryan gets back from finishing his project at work we are going to give him his very first bath. I am excited to see how he reacts to it. Lots of changes in our little boys life right now. 

I just want to pour out words that adequately express our gratitude to each of you for fighting in prayer on behalf of our little warrior, but words just don't do. Know that we thank God for you daily. We may not know each of your names, but believe me our Lord does!  Landon's progress is astounding the doctors and I can only equate it to prayer and love. THANK YOU!

Hopefully we'll get some more pictures posted soon! 


All in a Day said...

Great news! :)

Aaron and Naomi said...

Neither of my girls liked to be on their tummies - until they could roll over - and Anna still fusses sometimes! It didn't seem to slow them down too much though...Happy first Anniversary! Glad to hear things are going ok.

Lisa said...

So glad to hear that he is doing well.

Kari said...

Wonderful news!
What if you placed him so that his upper body was on the boppie pillow and his legs on the floor? Might not be so scary for him..

The K. Family said...

Happy Anniversary! How did you "speech" go?

Landonsmomma said...

Auntie Camille, I can't believe I forgot to write about my presentation. It went great! I was so nervous, but God really took over and spoke through me. I was so surprised when I looked up from my paper at the end and everyone had tears in their eyes. I didn't change my blog excerpts at all so I feel like God was glorified and received the glory He deserves. I continue to be so amazed by how He is using Landon to touch others with His story of redemption and love.
We miss you guys. 4th of July will be sad, knowing that we can't come home and everyone will be together. I heard even Naomi is coming up. would love for Landon and little Anna to meet.
I am going to try to get some pictures sent to you guys. He is changing so fast!