Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Two Months!!

It is so hard to believe that our Landon is now two months old. Ryan's friend from college was in Bismarck this last weekend and offered to watch him so we could go out to celebrate our anniversary. It was so strange leaving him. We told each other we were going to try not to talk about Landon during our date. I've learned through my marriage counseling classes that too many couples lose all connection to each other except through their children. They don't know what else to talk about when they're together. I don't want that to happen to us, but it was so hard not to talk about him... we failed. We had such a great time out, but we were happy to get back to him. He did just fine with a babysitter. I found out that night that our friends from church were going to watch him in the morning so we could go to church together. What a gift!! It was SO refreshing being with our church family and praising our Lord together. Landon slept the whole time we were gone. We were told he was the easiest babysitting job our friends had ever had :)

Yesterday was a very busy day. Because Landon is on Medicaid, he qualifies for WIC so we had an appointment in the morning to get it all worked out so he can get formula and we can get some other groceries each month. This is such a blessing, but I am a little worried about switching his formula to the kind provided by WIC because he has been doing so well on the kind we have him on now. The pediatrician reassured me that he should do just fine on the new kind, I will just have to ask the dietician on Friday how I need to mix it so he'll get the adequate amount of calories he needs. After our appointment with WIC, I had to go to the social services office to give them some documents, then we had to run to the post office to pick up a package. I hate taking him into places, knowing that he could catch something, but some days there's just no getting around it. He had to be weighed and measured at the WIC appointment so I couldn't leave him at home with someone. I just pray Gods protection over him on days like yesterday. We finally got home. I was exhausted, but had to make some phone calls to different hospitals, which always requires being on hold, listening to countless options and trying to figure out which button to push so I can finally talk to a real human being. We got a short nap, then I had to pack him up again and take him to his pediatrician appointment. I could tell he was tired like me, and not liking that he was off his daily routine. At the appointment he weighed in at 10Ibs 10 oz!! He is now in the 25th percentile for height, weight, and head circumference. This is awesome progress from being in only the 3rd percentile when he got home. The pediatrician is really happy with how he's doing. She told me that the only thing she's concerned about is that his head muscles aren't getting strong enough because he is always on his back. She said he looks really content just draped over my arm... which he is, because that's all he's known so far. She said that this is normal for heart babies. I told her that he's already in an early intervention program and we'll be really working with him on sitting up and strengthening his neck muscles once he can finally be on his tummy. I think he's doing great and in my opinion he's super strong and I don't think he'll miss a beat when it comes to his physical development, but that's a mothers opinion :)

Today and tomorrow we are just hanging out at home which is nice after our busy, nonstop day yesterday. Thursday is a big day! Last week our social worker Roxanne, who has become a family friend and an adopted Bismarck grandma for Landon, asked me if I would speak at an Early Intervention meeting this Thursday. From my understanding it will be for people who work for the state and are involved with North Dakota's Early Intervention program. I will be telling our story as it relates to congenital intervention on behalf of the family. I am very nervous and would of loved to say no thanks, but early on in Landon's story I told God I would do whatever it takes to bring Him glory through Landon's life. I believe this is a chance God is giving me to do that. Please pray that God will give me the right words to say. Also, please pray that God protects Landon. I will be bringing him to the meeting with me. This worries me because it's a strange place for him and we'll be there longer than I like to be in a building with him. It's also in the morning so it will throw off his routine with his meds and feeding. Pray that God gives me peace and that above all, that Landon's story will bring Him glory. Also pray that Landon sleeps through the whole thing :)

Friday will also be a busy day as Landon has an appointment Fernandez. Hopefully he will be happy with Landon's progress and allow us to lessen Landon's formula and give us the ok for tummy time.

Thank you so much for keeping our family in your prayers. Thank you for all of the wonderful anniversary wishes. We had a wonderful day rejoicing in God's faithfulness to us. We are looking forward to a new year full of God's blessings, in whatever form they may come :)

We love you all!!

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