Thursday, June 28, 2012

Watching you sleep

Landon, sometimes at night, ok almost every night, mommy slips out of bed, careful not to wake up papa, although I'm pretty sure he's caught on and knows where I'm going. I softly walk to your room, carefully open your door and walk over to your crib. I pull over the foot stool and just sit and watch you sleep. You are so peaceful. I silently thank God for you and more often than not tears begin to form because I am overwhelmed with joy. I can't tell you how blessed you have made me and your daddy.

You amaze mommy everyday with the joy you express. Daddy and I get to know you more each day and everyday you steal a little more of our hearts with your huge smiles, inquisitive personality, and how all it takes to calm you is just to pick you up and hold you tight. If only giving you all of our hearts could make your heart whole my love. Believe me, we wouldn't miss our hearts because, with you in our lives, they grow bigger everyday.

What do you dream of my child? I wonder if God speaks to you in your dreams? When you were in the hospital and you looked so lifeless, mommy pictured that you were with Jesus. I'm sure He was holding  you tight and I'm sure your huge smile melted His heart even more than it melts me and daddies. I wonder if He sang to you then? Maybe that is why you love being sung to, although I'm sure mommies voice doesn't come close to His.

I know you were with Him my Landon, His glory still radiates off of you. I know that He placed passions and desires in your special heart that He will help you fulfill. Daddy & I can't wait to find out what they are and watch as you continue to shine His light for the whole world to see.

Good night love bug, sleep tight in the hands of your Abba

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