Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I knew the title of this post would catch your attention and draw you in HA ha it worked :) The other option I thought of was "fundraiser" but who wants to click on a link that says that right?

I would of loved to have done a fundraiser for this race on Saturday to raise money for Childrens Heart foundation, a organization that's very near and dear to our heart, but it's extremely hard and probably not worth it to put something like that together with only 2 weeks. 

With that said, I'll get to the point. Adoption is something God has laid (hard) on my heart. I've known since I was eight that it is a road God is calling me (and now our whole family) down. Obviously the timing is not right for us now, but he has suddenly brought many amazing woman into my life who have and are in the process of adopting. They inspire me and the passion they have for adoption is contagious. Last night I was reading one of their blogs and my heart ached. To think of the journey God has placed them on. How long they have waited and how hopeless they must feel at times that they will ever bring their child home... I can't imagine this kind of pain. They are walking a very LONG hill.

God woke me up at 4:30AM with a idea and that idea has drawn me to the glowing light of my laptop. I'm hoping that with my fingers dancing over these keys, this morning, I can some how reach across the world and play a very small role in bringing a daughter home to her family.

So what I'm asking is that any of you who have been blessed by Landon's story would reach into your pockets a little bit and be a blessing to someone else for my special boy. We desire for Landon's story to be a light to all who are hurting. To all who wonder what the heck God is doing. To all who feel hopeless. We do not want the scar on Landon's chest to blind him to the pain of others, but instead push him to reach out to them. We want him to be someone who sees pain and hurting and doesn't turn a blind eye.

So please, in support of Landon and my insane decision to run this LONG hill on Saturday, click on this link and give a donation to help this amazing family bring their daughter home. Read their story. Be blessed. Be inspired. And in turn be a blessing.

You all are awesome! I can't believe how blessed we are to have the best blog support group EVER! Please let me share you :) 

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Daniel and Rachel said...

Adoption is a wonderful thing! I have a friend in the Black Hills who has PCOS and had 4 miscarriages early on, and was told she couldn't have a baby. They were foster parents for awhile, adopted two babies, and were in the process of adopting a third when she got pregnant again! This one God allowed her to carry full term, AND they were able to adopt their fourth child a few months after their daughter was born. That baby (the newest adoption) was just diagnosed yesterday with cerebral palsy. They have a lot of challenges with the financial strain of adoption plus waiting and then thinking they're getting a baby only to have it fall thru....she usually updates facebook but she does have a blog as well...I don't think she's updated it for awhile now, but it's :) She's a real encouragement to me!