Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pray for HOPE!!

Hi guys, I have to share this because I would hope that if we were in this families position with Landon, that complete strangers would be calling in the masses to pray for a miracle.

I first read Amy's blog while we were at Amplatz with Landon. Amy's brother is on staff at the same YWAM base in Australia as my brother and it just so happened that they also just had a baby with a heart defect. I have never met them or even emailed Amy, but I have felt such a connection with them because Hope and Landon are so close in age and both fighting against their broken hearts.

I just read Amy's latest blog post today and my heart stopped. They are at a place right now that is every parents worst nightmare. They are running out of hope and options for their precious baby girl.

PLEASE read their story and hit your knees. I can only imagine what they are going through.

Photo by amyakoslowski 

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