Saturday, April 7, 2012

The greatest gift!!!

We received the greatest gift today! We were eating lunch with Ryan's parents when Ryan's cell rang. It was his boss. He went into the lobby to speak with her. I figured she was just calling to make sure he was going to be at work on Monday. He was out there for quite a while and I was beginning to worry that maybe something was wrong. Ryan came back to the table and I could tell right away something had happened. He sat down and said that his boss has been reading Landon's blog (I had no idea she even knew about it). She talked to the company and people have given up their paid vacation time so that Ryan can have another week here with us. Me and Michelle just cried, I'm still brought to tears whenever I think about it. I just can't believe that people we don't even know would be so kind to us. I can't even write about it because I am speechless. All I can say is thank you.

Wendy if you are reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart. This act of kindness has meant the world to us. It means our family can be together another week. It means we can truly celebrate Easter together tomorrow. It means if Landon has to have another surgery on Monday I won't have to sit in that waiting room without his daddy's hand to hold. I cannot thank you enough for giving me such a gift and know that we are praying God pours out his blessings on you and on everyone who have chosen to be such a blessing to us.

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Daniel and Rachel said...

This IS a wonderful gift!!! It's so encouraging to hear about stories like much of the news is sad and depressing and makes you feel like there's no good in our world anymore, so it's good to hear differently. :)