Monday, April 23, 2012

Hoping for home

We thought we would be leaving today and as the day went on it kept looking promising. Landon did great during the night without needing oxygen. They told us we could do his car seat test whenever he seemed ready, so we put him into clothes for the first time. Not easy since he still has a bunch of monitors on him and a big splint thing on his arm to keep his IV from bending. We put him in a 3 month outfit and he was swimming in it haha. We put him in his seat, strapped him in and tightened it. He did pretty good for the first hour and then it was a battle just to keep him distracted and calm. We couldn't change his diaper or hold him for two hours and he did not like that, especially when he got the hiccups, which happened multiple times.

A pharmacist came in and explained the medications that he will be going home on and how to give them to him. Everything seemed to be coming together, so all we had left to do was his hearing test, meet with a genetisist, and talk to Dr. Bryant one last time.

As the hours went by and no one came in to do his hearing test we started getting worried. We decided that no matter what happened today Ryan would go back and work this week. If Landon got discharged later in the week we would stay at my aunts house until Friday. Ryan didn't want to wait to long to leave, but he wasn't going to leave if there was still a chance we could all go home.

Finally, around 3:00, a nurse came in and told us that the doctors want to wath Landons vitals for one more night and they also couldn't get his hearing test for today so it will be in the morning. She appoligized and said she hates being the bearer of bad news. We had everything packed and a huge pile of luggage sitting on our couch. It was obvious to everyone who came into our room today that WE WANT TO GO HOME.

Ryan and I talked after she left and decided that it wouldn't make sense for him to go back today if we're going to be discharged tomorrow morning. So, again, he had to call his boss and explain the situation. She has been beyond understanding this whole time and we really don't want to take advantage of that.

So we are hoping and praying that nothing goes wrong tonight and tomorrow morning so that we can finally take our family home. Good thing is we got almost everything done today that we needed to do before we go so hopfully we can be out of here early :)

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