Thursday, April 19, 2012

Surgery Day

Landon's surgery yesterday took around 3 hours. Afterwards Dr. Bryant, his surgeon came and told us that it went very well. He told us he was stable and his sats were in the 80s. He said he anticipated that the breathing tube could be taken out later that day and he could start eating right away.

Landon has to be very awake and agitated before they can take out the breathing tube just so they know he'll be able to breath properly on his own. Landon was to tired though and he slept through the night. As of now, we've been told that he's completely off of all his pain meds so that he'll wake up. He's been awake the whole time we've been here this morning and initiating breaths on his own so the breathing tube should be out within an hour. We've also been told that he will probably move up to the recovery floor today!! Such great news!! Progress!!

Yesterday, before the surgery Dr. Bryant told us that he will have to come back in a couple of months to have the shunt taken out if the right side of his heart does what they are hoping it will do. They want the right ventricle's walls to relax and thin out and hopefully begin to grow. If the right ventricle does not grow then we will have to take the route of a single ventricle heart child and begin to make it so that the left side of his heart can perform all the functions usually performed by the right.

We are just taking things one step at a time though and right now we are just so thankful that his surgery was successful yesterday. Now we are moving on to recovery!! We are so proud of our little fighter. He has been through SO much in two short weeks, he deserves a break. We can't wait to take him home!! I will keep you posted about how recovery is going and when it looks like we'll be able to finally try out that carseat :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Natalie, so many of us from MOM's have been praying for you and sweet Landon. If there is anything at all we can do, we would love to do so. Praying you will all be home soon!

Laurie Klippenes

The McCanne's said...

So glad to see that all went well with Landon's surgery. We will continue to pray for his recovery and that the right ventricle will do what it is created to do. It's good to see how God is growing you three closer together. So many these days go apart from each other when trouble hits. You all have a wonderful testimony to God's loving Grace!!