Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The shock of my brothers news is wearing off enough for me to write the post I was planning on writing today. Landon is still doing extremely well here at home. He receives a daily overflow of love and attention from everyone he's around. Ryan says he's on a high calorie and high love diet haha. My parents visited two weekends ago and Ryan's parents just left this morning. It was great to see family again. They all couldn't believe how much he's changed since they last saw him in MN.

He had another checkup with Fernandez last Friday and he weighed in at 9Ibs 6oz!! His shunt sounds great so the Dr. said that he could go down to one doze of Lasix a day. We moved his aspirin to the morning so we don't have to give him any meds in the evening now which all 3 of us are very happy about :) The Dr. also said that if he has gained a good amount of weight at his visit in two weeks we may be able to change his formula recipe to 27 cal. an ounce instead of 30. I'm hoping if his formula isn't quite so thick and chalky it may improve his reflux. Right now he is getting 7 scoops of formula in his bottle which is hard on his tummy, but it is why he is gaining so much even with how little he eats. We still hardly leave the house and I feel like I reek of bleach and hand sanitizer 24/7, but he has not gotten sick so it's all worth it.

Every morning I go into his nursery I am shocked that he can change so much over night. His hair is finally growing back and today it looks like it may be curly like his daddy's. My days are still busy, but I feel like we are in a really good routine finally. Tomorrow he has his first real visit from his OT (occupational therapist) she will be coming every other week just to check on him and help me know what I need to be doing and what I should be watching for. He scored really good at his assessment a couple weeks ago. We want to work with him a lot so he is at least starting to sit up before his next surgery so that once he recovers he can pick everything up quickly and not be too delayed since he won't be able to be on his tummy until his incision heals again. I have been told that his incision looks like it is healing very nicely. At his last appointment Fernandez said he should be able to be on his tummy in two weeks. Hopefully he will also be able to have a real bath which I'm hoping he likes better than the sponge baths he is getting now.

It is hard to believe that our little love bug will be two months on June 3rd. This will also be our 1 year wedding anniversary. Big celebration for our family!! God has been so good to us. Thank you for your love and support. I have been amazed at peoples quick responses whenever I write about him or post pictures. Your love and encouraging words makes me feel less isolated and more connected with the outside world. We love all of you! I will continue to keep you updated, but I feel like the time is getting longer in-between my posts simply because we have fallen into our new normal nicely and he is doing so well. Ryan did manage to post some recent pictures of him for those of you who don't get to see them on Facebook. Sorry about the wait!

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The K. Family said...

Landon is so cute! I love the pic of Ryan holding him in his hands. Thank you again for posting. Sure glad Matt is okay as well.